Angels leads Unilever Foodservice Spain.
About Unilever

With a portfolio of more than 400 brands ranging from food and drinks to household and personal care, Unilever operates in 190+ countries and employs 172,000 staff.

Angels Solans

Managing Director

Hai is vice general manager at Tsingtao Brewery.
About Tsingtao

Tsingtao is China's second largest beer maker and has more than 43,000 staff. Its products are exported to more than 80 countries.

Hai Liu

Vice General Manager

Laura is Marketing Director at Jack Links.


About Jack Links

Established in 1986, but with a history that dates back to the 1880s, Jack Links is an American family owned manufacturer of jerky and protein snacks.

Laura Trivulzio-Huijgen

Marketing Director

Andrea leads R&D for Europe at Kraft Heinz, and is based in Italy.


About Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz owns brands such as Philadelphia and Oscar Mayer, is active in 200+ countries and employs around 32,000 staff.


Andrea Budelli

Vice President R&D Europe

Alicia leads the marketing department at Calbee Iberia.


About Calbee

Present in 11 countries around the world, Japan-based Calbee is a leading snack manufacturer employing more than 1,300 staff.

Alicia Garcia Munte

Marketing Director

John is Managing Director at William Santus & Co.


About William Santus & Co

William Santus is a family business specialising in the manufacture & wholesale of confectionery since 1898. Uncle Joe’s is now the umbrella brand for hundreds of products supplied worldwide.

John Winnard MBE

Managing Director

Mitesh is Chief Innovation Officer at DanCake Portugal.


About DanCake

Founded in 1978, DanCake Portugal is a European bakiery company based in Portugal, with a broad portfolio of biscuits, cakes, crackers and other bakery products.

Mitesh Jamnadas

Chief Innovation Officer

Nicolas is Category Manager at Ferrero.


About Ferrero

Founded in 1946. Ferrero is an Italian manufacturer of branded chocolate and confectionery products, and the third biggest chocolate producer and confectionery company in the world.

Nicolas Panniez

Category Manager

Lisa is Chief Executive at Sweet Mandarin Sauces.


About Sweet Mandarin Sauces

From its origins in a family-run restaurant in Greater Manchester, Sweet Mandarin Sauces is now a leading brand of Chinese sauces that is distributed around the world.

Lisa Tse MBE

Chief Executive

Matteo is Senior Director Big Cities at Carlsberg Group.


About Carlsberg

Carlsberg has 45,000 staff and operates in over 150 countries. Alongside Carlsberg, its brands include Tuborg, Baltika and Kronenbourg.

Matteo Fantacchiotti

Senior Director Big Cities

Melissa is founder and managing director at Katjes Fassin UK – The Magic Candy Factory.


About Katjes Fassin UK – The Magic Candy Factory

Established in 2015, Katjes Magic Candy Factory launched the world’s first 3D food printer to be available to the consumer market in a store in Berlin. Since then, the company has expanded across Europe, the USA, the Middle East and China.

Melissa Snover

Founder & Managing Director

Alberto leads the marketing team at Grupo Dulcesol.


About Grupo Dulcesol

Grupo Dulcesol is a Spanish manufacturer of bakery products that are exported to over 39 countries. Established in 1952, the group today employs more than 1,800 staff.

Alberto Garcia Romero

Marketing Manager

Mikko is Vice President Marketing & Portfolio at Fazer.


About Fazer

Fazer is a Scandinavian manufacturer of bread and bakery products that operates in 8 countries and exports to more than 40. It employs over 10,000 staff.

Mikko Lindqvist

Vice President Marketing & Portfolio

Based in the UK and Spain, Silvia is innovation director at Gama


About Gama

Gama operates in more than 46 countries around the world through its network of 100+ analysts and researchers.

Silvia Ruiz

Innovation Director

Pablo is Consumer Marketing Director at Mahou San Miguel.


About Mahou San Miguel 

Mahou San Miguel is a Spanish family-owned company active in the beer, water and soft drinks markets. It has a presence in 70+ countries around the world and employs more than 2,800 staff.

Pablo de la Fuente

Consumer Marketing Director