Best of Britain

Our Best of Britain award will be a showcase for the best and brightest innovations from UK companies in the FMCG space over the past year.


Crobar by Gathr
Cricket Flour Snack Bar

Crobar by Gathr Cricket Flour Snack Bar is a new line making use of emerging insect proteins as a key ingredient. Products in the range variously blend raw cacao, peanut, coffee and fruit ingredients with roasted cricket flour and are tagged as containing an "ethical source of protein". Varieties comprise Cacao & Cricket Flour, Peanut & Cricket Flour, Raspberry, Cacao & Cricket Flour and Coffee, Vanilla & Cricket Flour.


Insect ingredients are increasingly being touted as a sustainable solution to the  challenge of growing global demand for meats and other proteins. Crobar's cricket flour formulation makes insect foods more accessible, overcoming the 'yuck' factor that is likely to prove an obstacle to insect-based formulations, especially in Western markets.