Best of Britain

Our Best of Britain award will be a showcase for the best and brightest innovations from UK companies in the FMCG space over the past year.


Frozen Fruit Cider Sorbet

"Offering the ultimate summer refreshment", Kopparberg Frozen Fruit Cider Sorbet moves cider from alcoholic drinks to frozen desserts. The product comes in pouches, perhaps to target on-the-go or outdoor occasions, and is designed to be frozen for eight hours before serving. Flavours such as elderflower & lime and strawberry & lime reportedly target a "slightly older audience". 


Cider has taken a firm grip on summer drinking occasions, thanks to its easy-drinking, fruity character and its affinity with a diversity of flavours. Kopparberg's "cider sorbet" seeks to cement that relationship further by offering an enhanced form of refreshment that seems to take its cue from the frozen pouch products gaining ground in the flavoured alcoholic cocktails space.